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Mes-O-Sate™ is a herbicide that provides both contact and residual control of broadleaf weeds &...
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MesoTryOne™ 4L

MesoTryOne™ 4L provides contact and residual control of problematic broadleaf weeds in a variety of...
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Mix™ is used to achieve stability and compatibility of pesticides in solution with various fertilizers...
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MSMA 6 Plus

MSMA 6 Plus is a combination liquid herbicide and surfactant for selective post-emergent weed control...
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MSMA 6.6

MSMA 6.6 is formulated for selective post-emergent weed control in Cotton, Golf courses, Highway Rights-of-Way...
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Nitro-Bor™ is a Nitrogen-Boron blend formulated to correct Boron deficiencies in crops.   Features and...
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Nitro-Surf™ is a proprietary blend of high quality nitrogen solution fertilizer and non-ionic surfactant.  ...
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Off-Shoot-T™ is a premium blend of multiple-alcohol sucker control agents and surfactants for use in...
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PAS-800™ is a non-ionic surfactant and penetrant designed to enhance activity and effectiveness of agricultural...
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Pendimethalin Technical

Pendimethalin Technical is for MANUFACTURING USE ONLY.   Features and Benefits Formulations into a herbicide...
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Peptoil® is a blend of highly-refined Paraffinic oil and emulsifier-surfactant designed to improve spray efficacy....
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Phiticide™ is a systemic fungicide containing phosphites, effectively controlling Brown rot, Downy mildew, Foot rot...
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PIN-DEE™ 3.3 EC pre-emergent herbicide provides preventative control of many small seeded broadleaves and grasses...
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PIN-DEE™ 3.3 T & O

PIN-DEE™ 3.3 T & O herbicide provides pre-emergence weed control in Commercial and Residential non-cropland,...
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Pinene™ II (OMRI Listed)

Pinene™ II is a water-soluble extender and sticker designed to prolong the life of pesticides....
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