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Adjuvants & Surfactants

Adjuvants / Surfactants


AMS-All™ is an easy to use conditioning blend of Ammonium sulfate, defoaming agent, drift-reduction solution...
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AMS-Supreme™ is an easy to use conditioning blend of Ammonium sulfate, defoaming agents and deposition...
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AMS-Xtra™ is a proprietary blend of Ammonium sulfate and other ingredients for use with translocating...
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BeanOil® is a superior blend of Soybean oil and special emulsifier-surfactants for improving the deposition...
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Citru-Shield™ is a blend of Agricultural Paraffinic oils and Surfactants that enhance wetting of leaf...
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F.M.-160™ is a foam-marker concentrate for use in field-marking systems to help eliminate spray gaps...
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Fome-Kil® is an anti-foaming and defoaming agent used as an additive to control foaming of...
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Haf-Pynt™ is a low use-rate, non-ionic spray adjuvant, containing an anti-foam, designed for quick wetting,...
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Holzit® is an easy to use formulation of ammonium salts and specialty polymers for use...
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Hot MES™

Hot MES™ is a blend of emulsifiers, surfactants and methylated seed oil for use in...
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Hum-AC™ 820

Hum-AC™ 820 is a non-ionic surfactant designed to improve pesticide efficacy by reducing evaporation, providing...
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LOX® is an easy to use drift control agent designed to improve deposition and drift...
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MES-100™ is a premium, Methylated seed oil designed to improve pesticide performance.   Features and...
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Mix™ is used to achieve stability and compatibility of pesticides in solution with various fertilizers...
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Nitro-Surf™ is a proprietary blend of high quality nitrogen solution fertilizer and non-ionic surfactant.  ...
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