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Serving Growers Since 1972


Beau-Ron® D

Beau-Ron® D is a soluble borate micronutrient designed for use as a fluid fertilizer nutrient...
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Beau-Ron® L

Beau-Ron® L is a soluble borate micronutrient designed for use as a fluid fertilizer nutrient...
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Boric Acid Boron Micronutrient

Boric Acid is a soluble form of Boron recommended for dilute or concentrate application to...
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BS-500™ is a blend of buffers and sequestrants designed to enhance performance of pesticides negatively affected...
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Captan 4 Flowable

Captan 4 Flowable seed protectant is an aqueous suspension suitable for the treatment of seed...
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Captan 4L

Captan 4L is an aqueous suspension used to control fungus and diseases in Fruit and...
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Captan 50W

Captan 50W is a wettable powder used for the control of various plant fungal diseases....
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Captan 80 WDG

Captan 80 WDG is a water dispersible granule used for control of various plant fungal...
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Carbaryl 4L

Carbaryl 4L insecticide is for use in Agriculture, Commercial and Residential sites.   Features and...
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Carbaryl 5% Bait

Carbaryl 5% Bait is a dry granule insecticide formulated to control a broad spectrum of...
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Chlorothalonil 720

Chlorothalonil 720 controls and suppresses various diseases in a range of Agricultural, Ornamental and Turf...
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Chlorpyrifos 15G

Chlorpyrifos 15G is a soil-applied, granular insecticide for control of soil borne insects that infest...
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Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG

Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG insecticide is used for the control of various insects that infest Field, Fruit,...
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Citru-Shield™ is a blend of Agricultural Paraffinic oils and Surfactants that enhance wetting of leaf...
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Damoil™ dormant and Summer spray oil acts as a contact insecticide for dormant or foliar...
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