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Serving Growers Since 1972

Trizmet™ II

Trizmet™ II is a selective herbicide designed to control problematic grasses and broadleaf weeds in Field corn, Popcorn and Sweet corn.   Features and Benefits Multiple modes of action provide effective contact and residual activity Excellent foundation herbicide for prevention of herbicide resistant Kochia, Palmer amaranth, Ragweed(s) and Waterhemp Pre-plant through post-emergence applications, alone or […]

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Clean Corn Crop

Location: North Carolina Crop: Corn

“This is as clean a corn crop as I’ve ever had at this time of the year, especially considering what we had in the field.”

They used a tank mix of Trizmet II*, Atrazine 4L* and Liquid Nitrogen.

Bruce (pictured) and Wendell


*Restricted Use Pesticide

No-Till Challenge

Location: Louisiana Crop: N/A

“I had no issues with mixing and no problems with performance … Trizmet II* met my No-Till Challenge.”

The mixture was Trizmet II, Atra-5* and Peptoil®.



*Restricted Use Pesticide

Corn Herbicide Program

Location: South Carolina Crop: Corn

Trizmet II is the most cost-effective corn herbicide program on the market today. My customers are thankful for Drexel’s response to the growers needs for more economical products that work.”


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