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Serving Growers Since 1972

Super Sucker-Stuff™

Super Sucker-Stuff™ is a plant growth inhibitor for controlling sucker development in Flue-cured, Burley, Dark-fire, Maryland and Cigar tobacco.   Features and Benefits Active ingredient absorbs through sprayed surface and translocates throughout plant Contains equivalent to 1.5 pounds of Maleic Hydrazide per gallon Can be applied in temperatures as low as 50°F   FAQ How […]

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As Good As You Will Find

Location: North Carolina Crop: Tobacco

“I have been farming for 25 plus years and my father has been farming since the sixties. We grow a variety of crops with tobacco being out of our most important crops. In my personal experience I have found that a straight C10 alcohol like Antak® works better for us because it is a little hotter and controls the suckers better with a good burn. We have also used Drexel Super Sucker-Stuff™ for MH uses. In our field corn we use Drexel brand Atrazine and Drexel Mix. We feel like Drexel’s products are as good as you will find, and plan to use them in the future.”


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