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Serving Growers Since 1972


Sucker-Plucker® is a balanced combination of sucker control agents and surfactants for the control of suckers in Burley, Flue-cured and Dark tobacco.   Features and Benefits For use in coarse spray applications Registered for contact control of immature suckers Can be applied alone or followed by a systemic sucker control agent in a dual treatment […]

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Saved Money and Time

Location: Kentucky Crop: Tobacco

“I used Sucker-Plucker® and butralin for years and switched over to Plucker-Plus in 2019. I loved Plucker-Plus, and it worked great. It was much simpler for my H2A labor to mix. 2.5 gals. per acre is simple. I paired Plucker-Plus with Drexel’s Dosimeters and found out I could save a lot of money with this combination. The Dosimeter locks my labor into one set amount of chemical applied per plant. I saved money in chemicals and time by using Plucker-Plus and Dosimeters in 2019.”


1 Gallon

Location: North Carolina Crop: Tobacco

“We typically use the 1 gallon rate of Drexel Sucker-Stuff® every year for our MH product in our tobacco. I have used Sucker-Stuff as long as I can remember.

“We have also used Drexalin Plus for our Flumetralin product in the past and also had great results with that. Sucker-Plucker® is also part of our contact program.

“Drexel has good products for our tobacco program in general, and we will be using them again in years to come.”


20+ years

Location: North Carolina Crop: Tobacco

“I’ve been farming tobacco over 20+ years now and for as long as I can remember we have been using Drexel Sucker-Plucker® for contact control and Drexel’s Sucker-Stuff® for our MH product. Drexel makes fine products and they work good for us. We will continue to use Sucker-Stuff and Sucker-Plucker as long as they make it.”


Never Look Back

Location: Georgia Crop: Tobacco

Sucker-Plucker® is our standby contact sucker material. As far as we are concerned, it is the preferred contact spray available for sucker control in tobacco. Sucker-Stuff® is so dependable, when we apply it we never look back because we know it will work.”



Location: North Carolina Crop: Tobacco

“Between me and my father, we have been growing tobacco for as long as I can remember. This past year I decided to sit out and hopefully get back to growing it again in 2018.

“When we grew tobacco we found the most consistency in Drexel products. The two we used more commonly was Sucker-Plucker® for our contact on suckers, and for our MH we used Sucker-Stuff®. We never had any issues and the Drexel products worked great for us.

“If or when I grow tobacco again, I can assure you there will be Drexel branded products going on our tobacco.”



Location: Georgia Crop: Tobacco

“We do have available other products, but we personally use Sucker-Plucker® and Sucker-Stuff® on our own crops, and the majority of our customers prefer them as well. This is due to their excellent high performance.”



Location: Florida Crop: Tobacco

Sucker-Stuff® and Sucker-Plucker® has worked in spite of economic pressures, and growers were very satisfied with the performance of these products.”


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