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Serving Growers Since 1972


Plucker-Plus® is a four to one ratio of Sucker-Plucker® to Drexalin™ Plus which provides both the contact activity of Fatty Alcohols and the systemic activity of Flumetralin.   Features and Benefits Ease of use – 2.5 gallons = 1 acre University tested and approved Rainfast within 2 hours of application Two modes of action – […]

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Saved Money and Time

Location: Kentucky Crop: Tobacco

“I used Sucker-Plucker® and butralin for years and switched over to Plucker-Plus in 2019. I loved Plucker-Plus, and it worked great. It was much simpler for my H2A labor to mix. 2.5 gals. per acre is simple. I paired Plucker-Plus with Drexel’s Dosimeters and found out I could save a lot of money with this combination. The Dosimeter locks my labor into one set amount of chemical applied per plant. I saved money in chemicals and time by using Plucker-Plus and Dosimeters in 2019.”


Saved a Ton

Location: Kentucky Crop: Tobacco

“We sprayed Plucker-Plus from Drexel this year on our tobacco and it worked great. We had no staining of the ground after application. We believe that Plucker-Plus combined with Drexel’s Dosimeters have saved us a ton of money on sucker control in 2019. We’ve had problems with our workers applying too much product in the past, the Dosimeter has solved this problem for us. The Dosimeters paid for themselves and then some”

Danny and Elvin

Excellent Sucker Control

Location: Tennessee Crop: Tobacco

Plucker-Plus® worked great on my tobacco in 2018 and 2019. Plucker-Plus gave me excellent sucker control and had no residual effect on my wheat and fescue.”


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