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Serving Growers Since 1972

Hum-AC™ 820

Hum-AC™ 820 is a non-ionic surfactant designed to improve pesticide efficacy by reducing evaporation, providing uniform distribution and enhancing surface wetting.   Features and Benefits Promotes spray moisture retention to make application of active ingredient more available for plant uptake Maximizes spray droplet retention through improved wetting on leaf surface Contains anti-foaming agent   FAQ […]

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Great Performance, Great Value

Location: Kentucky Crop: Corn

“We use a variety of Drexel products. All have been top quality, great performance and great value.”


Tank Mix Compatibility

Location: Kentucky Crop: Soybeans

“In 2016, I sprayed glyphosate and Foma® 2.0 over my soybean crop.

“The isopropylamine glyphosates had terrible issues with tank mix compatibility. I couldn’t get half a tank sprayed without having serious issues. I switched over to using Imitator® DA with my Foma 2.0 and have had zero issues since.

“In 2017, I have only used Imitator DA with my Foma 2.0.”


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