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Serving Growers Since 1972

Atrazine 4L

Atrazine 4L is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in Corn, Ornamentals, Sugarcane, Turf and other labeled crops.   Features and Benefits Contains 4 pounds of Atrazine per gallon For use in aerial and ground applications Application timing flexibility: Pre-plant surface and incorporated and post-emergent uses Atrazine is a Restricted Use […]

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Customers Pleased

Location: Minnesota Crop: N/A

“First year with Drexel products. My customers and I are very pleased with Atrazine 4L, Foma® 1.88, Hot MES, Me-Too-Lachlor II and TrizMax.

“I plan on using a higher volume of Drexel products in 2020.”


Clean Corn Crop

Location: North Carolina Crop: Corn

“This is as clean a corn crop as I’ve ever had at this time of the year, especially considering what we had in the field.”

They used a tank mix of Trizmet II*, Atrazine 4L* and Liquid Nitrogen.

Bruce (pictured) and Wendell


*Restricted Use Pesticide

Stay Profitable

Location: Georgia Crop: Peanuts

(pictured l to r) Jeff, Jerry, Chase, Kevin & Will


“We used Drexel’s Atrazine 4L and Diuron 4L. They both performed great and showed excellent control over the weeds on my farm. We are very pleased with the performance of these products and look forward to using more Drexel products including Atrazine 4L and Diuron 4L in the future. These products are very cost-effective and help us stay profitable.”


Problematic Weeds

Location: Georgia Crop: N/A

“I used Drexel’s Atrazine 4L. It mixed very well and performed very well too. I got great control over many problematic weeds with Drexel’s Atrazine 4L. I will use this product again in the future.”


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