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Range & Pasture 

Carbaryl 4L

Carbaryl 4L insecticide is for use in Agriculture, Commercial and Residential sites.   Features and...
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Carbaryl 5% Bait

Carbaryl 5% Bait is a dry granule insecticide formulated to control a broad spectrum of...
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De-Amine® 4

De-Amine® 4 is a premium, low-volatile 2,4-D Amine formulation that provides selective control of many annual,...
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De-Amine® 6

De-Amine® 6 herbicide is a premium, low-volatile 2,4-D Amine formulation that provides selective control of...
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De-Ester® LV4

De-Ester® LV4 is formulated to control many Broadleaf weeds, Herbaceous perennials and Woody plants susceptible...
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De-Ester® LV6

De-Ester® LV6 is formulated to control many broadleaf weeds, herbaceous perennials and woody plants susceptible...
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Dicamba herbicide controls broadleaf weeds in a variety of Crop and Non-crop applications.   Features...
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Dicamba De-Amine®

Dicamba De-Amine® is a pre-mix of 2,4-D and Dicamba for use in Crop and Non-crop...
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Dicamba DGA

Dicamba DGA is a low-volatile formulation that controls broadleaf weeds, as well as woody brush and vines,...
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Imitator® + 2,4-D

Imitator® + 2,4-D herbicide is a combination of Glyphosate + 2,4-D Amine used to control...
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Imitator® DA

Imitator® DA is a Glyphosate formulation with a unique delivery system designed to increase absorption....
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Imitator® Plus

Imitator® Plus is a non-selective, systemic herbicide formulated to control annual and perennial weeds, woody...
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Nitro-Bor™ is a Nitrogen-Boron blend formulated to correct Boron deficiencies in crops.   Features and...
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Quik-Quat™ is a burndown herbicide formulated to control grasses and broadleaf weeds in a variety...
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X®-NBPT is a Nitrogen stabilizer formulated to slow the conversion of Urea to crop available...
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