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Serving Growers Since 1972


Me-Too-Lachlor™ is a selective herbicide for residual control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in Cotton, Peanuts, Pod crops, Potatoes, Safflowers, Soybeans and Tomatoes.   Features and Benefits Timing flexibility: Pre-plant surface-applied, Pre-plant incorporated or Pre-emergence treatment Post-emergent applications in Cotton and Soybeans Contains 8 pounds of Metolachlor per gallon For use in […]

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Preferred Product

Location: Georgia Crop: Peanuts

“I used Drexel’s Me-Too-Lachlor on my peanuts at pre-plant and post. The Me-Too-Lachlor works just as good as the name brand metolachlor. I prefer to use Me-Too-Lachlor because, it is cheaper and just as effective.”

Jim Roy NeSmith
Pelham, GA

Residual Control

Location: Arkansas Crop: Cotton, Soybeans

Me-Too-Lachlor is a very economical weed control product for the grower. It is also a great product when looking for residual control in cotton and soybeans.”

Steve Frost
Hill Chemical
Dumas, AR

Crabgrass, Pigweed & Foxtail

Location: Kentucky Crop: Soybeans

Me-Too-Lachlor has done a great job on Crabgrass, Pigweed and Foxtail in my Soybeans. It also tank mixes well with the other chemicals I use.”

Gary McGruder
Shepardsville, KY

Better Value

Location: Florida Crop: N/A

“When I get a call for DualMagnum®, I tell them that I have an alternative. It works just as well, and is a better value. The product that I recommend is Me-Too-Lachlor.”

Tommy Parker
Coastal Fertilizer & Supply
Immokalee, FL


All brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

Clean As Could Be

Location: Arkansas Crop: Cotton

“The fields that did not have Me-Too-Lachlor applied last season were all grown up with grasses. The acres of cotton that had Me-Too-Lachlor applied were clean as could be. We will apply Me-Too-Lachlor on every acre of cotton this year, because of the assurance we get in weed control.”

Tuffy Hill
Dumas, AR


Location: Georgia Crop: Cotton

Me-Too-Lachlor mixes well with glyphosate and worked good as a herbicide. We compared it to other generics, as well as DualMagnum®, on our cotton.”

Gary Branch
Tifton, GA


All brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders.


Location: Arkansas Crop: Soybeans

“I applied Foma® 1.88 and Foma® 2.0 with Drexel’s Me-Too-Lachlor. They performed extremely well in my soybeans. I applied them as a pre-emerge to control small broadleaf weeds. These combinations of Drexel’s products make my weed control easy and cost effective.”

Danny Day
Tillar, AR

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