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Serving Growers Since 1972

Imitator® DA

Imitator® DA is a Glyphosate formulation with a unique delivery system designed to increase absorption.   Features and Benefits Formulated with a full surfactant load to ensure an even and thorough Glyphosate dispersion Rainfast 2 hours after application, due to faster absorption Registered for use on Roundup Ready® Crops, including Roundup Ready Flex® Cotton Contains […]

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Tank Mix Compatibility

Location: Kentucky Crop: Soybeans

“In 2016, I sprayed glyphosate and Foma® 2.0 over my soybean crop.

“The isopropylamine glyphosates had terrible issues with tank mix compatibility. I couldn’t get half a tank sprayed without having serious issues. I switched over to using Imitator® DA with my Foma 2.0 and have had zero issues since.

“In 2017, I have only used Imitator DA with my Foma 2.0.”

Matthew Settles
Owensboro, KY

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