Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Trifluralin 4EC

Trifluralin 4EC is a selective pre-emergence herbicide for use in controlling problematic weeds and grasses in many agricultural and non-crop use sites.

Available in 2.5 gallon and 265 gallon

Functions and Benefits
  • Controls susceptible weeds by disrupting seedling growth through root absorption
  • Soil incorporation provides activation and long lasting control
  • Effective weed control in over 20 use sites
  • Group 3 Herbicide

Will Trifluralin control existing weeds that have already emerged?
No, Trifluralin 4EC will only control susceptible weeds during germination.

Can I mix other products with Trifluralin 4EC?
Yes, See label for tank mix recommendations.

*Always read and follow the directions as specified on any pesticide label.*

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