Saturday, June 24, 2017
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De-Ester® LV4

For the control of many Broadleaf weeds, herbaceous Perennials and woody plants susceptible to 2,4-D in various crops.

Available in 2x2.5 gallon & 265 gallon

Functions and Benefits
  • Premium 2,4-D Ester formulation that provides selective control of many annual, biennial and perennial broad leaf weeds and certain brush species
  • Registered for use on a broad range of crops, rangeland, orchards, non-crop and aquatic sites
  • Excellent activity on many species of weeds that are known to be resistant to Glyphosate
  • Store De-Ester® products above 32°F

How long do I have to wait after my burndown application of De-Ester® LV4 before I plant soybeans?
7 days if you apply 1 pint per acre or 15 days if you apply 2 pints per acre.

*Always read and follow all label instructions on the product container(s) before using.*

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