Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Beau-Ron® 15G

Beau-Ron® 15G is a borate granular for blend fertilizer and is used to supply plants the necessary elemental boron during the crop period.

Available in 25 lb. and 50 lb. polyethylene-lined bags and in 1,323 lb. and 1,543.21 lb. super bags.

Functions and Benefits
  • A naturally occurring, slow release source of Boron.
  • Prevents boron deficiencies that could affect crop yields.
  • Will not easily leach in the presence of heavy rainfall.
  • Causes low effects of toxicity because of its solubility in water.
  • Consistent particle size and density for blending.

Is Drexel’s Beau-Ron® 15G dusty?
Beau-Ron® 15G is not dusty because it is manufactured using a unique, low dust formulation.

How much of this product does it take to provide one pound of elemental Boron?
It takes 6.7 pounds of Beau-Ron® 15G to provide one pound of elemental Boron.

*Always read and follow all label instructions on the product container(s) before using.*

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