Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Beau-Ron® D

Beau-Ron® D is a soluble borate micronutrient derived from Sodium borate. This product is designed for use as a fluid fertilizer nutrient spray or dust and is recommended for application to field, vegetable, tree, and nut crops.

Available in 25 lb multiwalled bag with polyethylene liners.

Functions and Benefits
  • 4.8 pounds of Beau-Ron® D provides 1 pound elemental Boron.
  • Readily soluble in water and makes an efficient borate additive for most liquid fertilizers.
  • Superior to competitive products, as it is more readily soluble and causes minimum changes in crystallization temperatures.
  • Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides. Can be included in many established applications being made for the control of insects and fungus diseases.

Is Beau-Ron® D compatible with liquid fertilizers?
Beau-Ron® D readily mixes with liquid fertilizers.

Will Beau-Ron® D settle out in the spray tank if left overnight?
Beau-Ron® D is readily soluble; however, settling may occur if left overnight. Be sure to agitate spray mixture thoroughly before applying if this occurs.

*Always read and follow all label instructions on the product container(s) before using.*

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