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Defol® 750 Technical Use Guides

December 24, 2013

What is the use rate?

The rate is 3.2 quarts per acre in 10 to 20 gallons of water for ground application. Use 5 to 10 gallons of water for air application. We suggest the higher rates for better coverage. A non-ionic surfactant such as Surf-Ac® 820 or emulsifiable crop oil such Peptoil is also recommended. See label for exact rates.
For Seed corn, contact your seed company representative for exact rate.
For Seed beans, contact your local seed company representative for exact rates and timing.


When is Defol® 750 rainfast?

If rainfall is anticipated within 24 hours, the application should be delayed.


When can Defol® 750 be applied?

Field Corn: Up to 14 days prior to harvest. Many applications have been made at 45 to 50% moisture or at dent stage.
Grain Sorghum: Soon after grain sorghum is mature or from 20% to 25% grain moisture.
Soybeans: At the R7 growth stage when one normal pod on a main stem has reached mature color or at 40 to 50% moisture.


What type of results can be expected when using Defol® 750 to reduce crop moisture?

  • There are several keys to ensure better performance:
  • Higher temperatures during application followed by several sunny days of high temperatures.
  • Good spray coverage improves performance. Use higher spray volumes: 20 gallons of water by ground, 10 gallons of water by air.
  • The use of a non-ionic surfactant such as Surf-Ac® 820 or an emulsifiable crop oil such as Peptoil will improve performance as well.
  • In Field Corn, it has been reported that Defol® 750 has increased dry-down by an additional 0.50 to 3 points per day depending on conditions.
  • In Grain Sorghum and Soybeans, Defol® 750 has been proven to reduce moisture levels by 1% to 2% per day.


Will Defol® 750 allow me to harvest earlier than normal?

Yes, under good performing conditions. Defol® 750 has allowed some growers to harvest Field Corn up to 3 weeks earlier and Soybeans up to 15 days earlier. For Grain Sorghum, Defol® 750 causes grain moisture reduction up to twice the natural dry down rate.


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