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Me-Too-Lachlor™ mixes well with glyphosate and worked good.

— Gary Branch
Tifton, GA

Me-Too-Lachlor™ ... assurance... in weed control.

— Tuffy Hill
Dumas, AR

When I get a call for DualMagnum... I recommend Me-Too-Lachlor™.

— Tommy Parker
Immokalee, FL

Me-Too-Lachlor™ is a very economical weed control product for the grower.

— Steve Frost
Dumas, AR

Hum-Ac™ 820 ... Superior Crop Safety.

— Justin Choiniere
Detroit, ME

BeanOil® with Imitator® Plus ... better control over tough weeds.

— Gick Fleming
Leon, KS

Holzit™ is an excellent product.

— Justin Damron
Dimmit, TX

With Trizmet™ II*: as clean a corn crop as I've ever had.

— Bruce and Wendell Clapp
Whitsett, NC

G & H Seed Company is very satisfied with the overall performance of Primary™.

— Greg Baronet
Crowley, LA

Trizmet™ II* met my No-Till challenge.

— Gordon Boogaerts
Gilliam, LA

*Restricted Use Pesticide
*Restricted Use Pesticide

Gary Branch of Tifton, Georgia

"Me-Too-Lachlor™ mixes well with glyphosate and worked good as a herbicide. We compared it to other generics, as well as DualMagnum®, on our cotton."
Tuffy Hill is a grower located in Dumas, Arkansas.

"The fields that did not have Me-Too-Lachlor™ applied last season were all grown up with grasses. The acres of cotton that had Me-Too-Lachlor™ applied were clean as could be. We will apply Me-Too-Lachlor™ on every acre of cotton this year, because of the assurance we get in weed control."
Tommy Parker of Coastal Fertilizer & Supply located in Immokalee, Florida.

"When I get a call for DualMagnum®, I tell them that I have an alternative. It works just as well, and is a better value. The product that I recommend is Me-Too-Lachlor™."
Steve Frost of Hill Chemical located in Dumas, Arkansas.

"Me-Too-Lachlor™ is a very economical weed control product for the grower. It is also a great product when looking for residual control in cotton and soybeans."
Justin Choiniere of Northeast Agricultural Sales located in Detroit, Maine.

"At Northeast Ag Sales, we have used Hum-Ac™ 820 for the past three years and have been very pleased with the results. What impresses me the most is the superior crop safety that this product has displayed over the top of Roundup Ready® corn. When spraying with this product, I have no worries about the end result."
Gick Fleming of Fleming Feed & Grain located in Leon, Kansas.

"We use and recommend, to our customers, mixing ½ pint per acre of Drexel's BeanOil® with Imitator® Plus glyphosate. In doing this, we get better control over tough weeds like marestail, morning glory and pigweed. It has been a good helper!"
Justin Damron of Dimmit, Texas.

“Holzit™ is an excellent product. I tried it for the first time this year. I bought a pallet of 45 pound bags and ran 9 pounds per 100 gallons with glyphosate; and just about everything else.

"Two days after I sprayed some glyphosate on some careless weeds, I was spraying a neighboring field of sunflowers. As I got closer to the field that had the glyphosate/Holzit™ sprayed on it, I was shocked.

"The weeds were completely curled over and looked more like Dicamba damage than glyphosate. I’d never seen anything like it before. We’ll continue to use this product in the future.”
Bruce and Wendell Clapp of Clapp Fertilizer, located in Whitsett, North Carolina.

Bruce and Wendell Clapp were very pleased with the performance of Trizmet™ II* on their No-Till corn.

Bruce said, "This is as clean a corn crop as I've ever had at this time of the year, especially considering what we had in the field."

They used a tank mix of Trizmet™ II*, Atrazine 4L* and Liquid Nitrogen.

*Restricted Use Pesticide

L TO R: Raymond Hensgens, Michael Hensgens, Greg Baronet and Wayne Hensgens of G & H Seed Company, located in Crowley, LA.

"In the last three years G & H Seed Company / Farm Supply Distributors has been handling Primary™ exclusively as crop oil in our retail locations.

"Primary™ is a 60/40, and it enhances the performance of the particular product it is being used with. In most cases, the recommended amount is half the rate of other crop oils. For distributors, this means stocking half the product, and for growers this means handling half in the application.

"G & H Seed Company is very satisfied with the overall performance of this product."
Gordon Boogaerts of Caddo Ag Center located in Gilliam, Louisiana.

The mixture was Trizmet™ II*, Atra-5™* and Peptoil™.

“I had no issues with mixing and no problems with performance. Trizmet™ II* met my No-Till challenge,” said Gordon.

*Restricted Use Pesticide

*Restricted Use Pesticide

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